as3 event bubbling notice

The event can only bubble up through the display list if the object that dispatched the event is a DisplayObject (or an ancestor of DisplayObject, such as a Sprite or MovieClip) so that it can be in the display list AND it is added to the display list at the time of the event dispatch.

唔係你係類面 new 個 instance ,佢就識玩 bubble

而係 addChild 落個 displaylist 到先識玩 bubbling

new object 個個你就要一層層咁自己 dispatch~

Flash compile exe -> Flash player 可選!

最新既 flash player 10 多左個 digital cert 功能,可惜的是 IE 去開既時候會鬧你無正確既 digital cert,咁點解決呢

1. 用 zip -> sfx 既方法,IE 就唔當 flash player 開

2. compile 既時候,換個 flash player,用 無cert 既 9 或者用 10 既 debug version (但希望你個 program 無 bug,唔係出 error)


program files -> flash -> player

換左類面個 player 佢

export 出黎既 exe 就係包呢款 player,

(projector 原理: 包個 flash player,叫佢開個 swf 之嘛)

無 cert 既 projector 就過關了!

模擬 multiple inheritance

用 implement interface + #include 去摸擬

實際上佢 implement 個 interface,但只有 function 名,對嘛

然後每個要 (扮) extends 個個 class implement 完左 #include 一定要個d functions,

咁咪一定要用個d function 囉?

咁就 == 一定有個堆 function 兼 function 名 及可以用 is 等等

咁就可以無限 (扮) extends!

(not a gd practice, btw)

Playing Audio with Flash 我由呢個 demo 開始睇 有呢個好正既 sound filter, 識做 echo, phase, feedback, cutoff, resonance 個d effect

用 pixelBlender Mix 歌

載入 mp3