Debug Command for unix n windows of networking, ip, firewall, port forwarding

Re: SSH to Debian Guest from Windows host via Putty Postby noteirak » 19. May 2013, 11:24

Run the following on the host : CODE: SELECT ALL EXPAND VIEW ipconfig /all route print arp -a netstat -an | find “LISTENING” netsh advfirewall show allprofiles

Run the following in the guest : CODE: SELECT ALL EXPAND VIEW sudo ifconfig -a sudo route sudo arp sudo netstat -lnp sudo iptables -L -n -v

and in virtualbox, if u opening port for flask, pls use
or ensure the port forwarding is go to in your VM

my python flask deploy flow

How to update python api sudo su deploy

cd /home/deploy/your-python-project
git pull
source ../py3.4/bin/activate
python bdist_egg
easy_install dist/<python_proj.egg>
alembic upgrade head
uwsgi –reload ~/

git download the src code -> (env) -> pack it into egg -> using easy_install to install the python egg -> update db migration -> restart server